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Why are we not like the others?

Magnetoculture, you know?

You will find in our domain more than 120 magnets on our tanks, our barrels, our water inlets and our pumps.

Magnetoculture allows us in the vineyard, to limit phytosanitary products and in the cellar, to reduce sulphites.

Already 50 fig trees in our vines!!!

In the spring of 2022 we launched the planting of trees in our vines with  the arrival of 50 fig trees in a plot of Carignan. A first step ... 

Fig trees are home to wildlife that is useful to the vine and contributes to biodiversity. Branches, fruits and falling leaves improve the soil and participate   in the biological life of the soil.

At the root level, the roots of the two are very complementary via the mycorrhizae   (transfer of water and nutrients).


Our kilometers of iris

If you visit our estate in the spring, you will identify our plots by the hundreds of iris flowers bordering them.

A plot on a Visigoth cemetery 

One of our plots of Syrah is planted on a Visigoth cemetery discovered during the uprooting some sixty years ago.

An unusual story that you will taste while tasting our cuvée Le sang du visigoth. 


A 4th wine color

Since the 2020 harvest, we have been producing an orange wine with white grapes vinified and fermented in whole bunches.

On a walk with the Old

With its 11 generations, La Vieille is not very young.

She has seen the country !!!

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