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At the exit of Saint-Mathieu de Treviers in the direction of Sainte-Croix de Quintillargues, the first road on the left will take you to the Domaine de la Vieille which owes its name to the hamlet in which it is located.

For generations, the RATIER family has cultivated its vines on this fabulous terroir in Pic Saint-Loup. Throughout its history, the property has evolved thanks to the winegrower's passion transmitted from father to son.

In 2002, when his parents retired, Guy RATIER took over by creating a new cellar.

That year the Pic Saint-Loup and Le Sang du Visigoth cuvées were born, both made from 50% Syrah and 50% Grenache, the latter being aged for 12 months in barrels.

In 2011, Julien RATIER, son of Guy, joined the farm.

In 2014 a biodynamic approach was launched with the use of a certain number of plants, flowers and essential oils in order to limit the use of copper and sulfur authorized in organic products.

2015 will be the year of the first magnetoculture trials with the use of magnets in the vineyard to limit phytosanitary products, and in the cellar to reduce sulphites. 


Who are we ?


The estate has a parcel of land in three municipalities, the majority in SAINT-MATHIEU DE TREVIERS, around two hectares in SAINTE-CROIX DE QUINTILLARGUES and forty ares in FONTANES.
This reduces natural disasters as it rarely freezes or hails all three villages at the same time.


List of grape varieties and their approximate areas:

  • RED
    SYRAH: 4HA 78
    GRENACHE: 3HA 45
    MOURVEDRE: 2 HA 63 
    CARIGNAN: 0 HA 90
    MERLOT: 1HA 60

    MARSANNE: 0 HA 30
    UGNI BLANC: 1 HA 20


We assure our customers that all our wines are produced and conditioned by us at Domaine de La Vieille entirely from our own grapes.
On the tax stamps (right which allows the wine to circulate) stuck on the cap of the bottle cap or on the opening of the Bag In Box cartons, you will find our number as well as the harvester's "R".
Not to be confused with the "N" of trader, which we are not.

All our wines are certified 100% organic.

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