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The 2014 harvest was the culmination of our conversion with recognition of all of our organic wines.

We have evolved towards phytosanitary treatments based on decoctions of plants, flowers and essential oils in order to reduce our doses of copper and sulfur.

For plants, these are horsetail, nettle, burdock, white willow, queen of loans and dandelion.

For flowers we favour yarrow, valerian and chamomile.

The essential oils of lavender and sweet orange are used in homeopathic doses, ie a few drops per hectare.

Prune of winters in moon.

This approach is found in all of the estate's activity right up to bottling. It goes without saying that it will take a long time to have full control of it.... We try to apply what our elders have done for several centuries, we are neither sorcerers nor sectarian.

Our alternatives to pesticides

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